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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hole in One!

Wednesday night was Youth PuttPutt and Pizza night. We left the church around 6pm hoping to have a little cooler weather by going later in the evening. Boy that didn't work! It was extremely hot, but the youth were even hotter as almost all of them had at least 1 hole in one!

One of our girls hit two holes in one back-to-back!

While one of our boys won a free game. His "Lucky" shot bounced off of the bricks and into the hole in one stroke.

We had an awesome time playing puttputt, but our hungry stomachs were ready for some grub.

So we headed down to a local pizza place to fill our tummies and play in the arcade until time to leave.

It was another Great time with the youth group. We can't wait to see what awesome adventure God has for us next week!

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